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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 3, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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that prompted a large police response. good evening. >> it's known as a fake phone call to 911 with a situation so serious the s.w.a.t. team is called. john is live in marin county where authorities trying to track down the person who does this. >> this is the marin county sheriff office who's leading the investigation. yesterday's event was the second in the past two weeks. >> neighborhoods don't get more peaceful than deer creek court. it was a different story yesterday. >> it was a 14-year-old juvenile saying he was john, reporting he was being held hostage in his house. his father had gone berserk and shot his mother, he was hiding in the house. >> as investigators found it was a hoax. the neighborhood was filled
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with police and the homeowner was a 9-year-old boy. >> with the help of the mother, when she was aware that the house we were focused on was her's informed us her son was in the house. >> another s.w.a.t. situation in san rafael, this is part of the crank call. >> i have four bombs on the premises and entire farmly. >> another incident two years ago. >> the bomb scare, evacuation, bomb-sniffing dogs, second half was a sniper threat. >> the caller was deceptive. >> we thought someone was local. such specific information in bathrooms and use of my name. everything is on our web site. >> investigators have identified the suspect and he's
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based in europe. >> this is an international game. it's terrorist activity. there's people in the world that take pleasure in activating mcpersonnel. >> officials say the -- emergency personnel. >> they will use online programs so the calls are hard to trace. >> more details, a new california law took affect that stiffens the penalties for anyone who makes a call to pay the cost of the response. that could be $10,000. the prank caller could face a year in jail. video from a oakland police officer body video. an incident where a firefighter says he was treated different
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because he is back. >> the story involves an off duty oakland firefighter, his two sons and oakland police officer. keith jones is african-american and he filed a complaint saying race played a role in how the officer handled an encounter with him in at a fire station last month. oakland police released the body video. it is dark but you can hear the confrontation. >> but the bag down. hands up, put your hands up. turn around. >> i'm a oakland firefighter. that's my truck right there. >> the oakland police officer was responding to station 29 per the request of on duty firefighters because they left the bay doors open after rushing to a call. keith jones said he popped into
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the fire house with his sons after attending the raiders game. he just happened to be there when the officer arrived and he didn't feel they were treated properly. >> he approached my kids with his hand on the gun crotched. that's how he approached a 9- year-old and 12-year-old standing in front of the fire station. >> i'm afraid if he shoots me, is he going to shoot my kid. i think it's racially motivated. >> the officer kept repeating hands up don't move, but one minute, nine seconds in he asked jones to get his i.d. >> do you work here? >> all right. >> you can put your hands down kids. sorry about that. you can relax too. >> oakland police says the
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officer remains on duty. live tonight in the newsroom. pittsburgh police announced another arrest stemming from a hush. perez was -- hit and run. today we learned police arrested his brother for trying to hide the pickup truck that perez was allegedly driving. those come after surveillance video was released of a pickup truck out of control. the victim died at the scene. >> i'm glad and happy that a person like this is off the streets so they don't hurt anyone else. and i'm proud of the work that the police station did and the detectives in finding out who the perpetrator is. >> perez will be charged with
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felony hit and run and causing death. munoz with being a accessory to the crime. a 14-year-old was stabbed to death outside a market. the latest on an arrest made this afternoon. >> the family wish has come true, the police made an arrest in the case. it happened within 24 hours of the killing. the family wishes no ill will. >> a small group gathered leaving showers where rashawn williams was killed. >> he was a straight a student. 4.0 football player. he has a full scholarship because he's a good student at sacred heart. >> this was an innocent child. he was walking do the store with his two brothers. >> mcree mcmurray is rashawn's
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aunt. they came to this market to get snacks and something to eat. after he left the store someone stabbed him. >> she tried to save her son's reiff -- life. she did the best she can. >> the teen who she believes killed her nephew tried to bully her son. school officials were aware of the problems but the school officials would not comment. >> this kid was troubling him. made threats over the internet. he put up with this. didn't fight or anything. >> this is rashawn's freshman year. as word went out the principal said they are ready to pitch in. >> i've gotten e-mails what can we do. how can we support. >> this is williams talking
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about president obama and the now 14 is gone too soon. everyone is -- everything is in the hands of his creator. >> god will take care of him. we don't wish harm. >> school leaders are possibly going to have a memorial fora schaub -- rashawn. there may be victims. 66-year-old is wanted on an outstanding warrant. he was arrested today. he's been running an unregulated massage business for 30 years and helping clients with minor aches to fertility enhancement. anyone who may have been victimized should contact the police. continuing coverage on the arrest of ray mcdonald.
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jim harbaugh was asset -- upset with reporters who asked him about the arrest. >> my opinion is what, information in fact. asked that question, i feel i answered it. >> we can have an informal poll, raise your hand if you're not in favor of due process. . >> it's in the constitution. i've taken as many questions. it's in the constitution, it's well defined. >> mcdonald appears to be scheduled to play on sunday in the game with the cowboys. mcdonald's arrest is the 10th involving a member of the 49ers since 2012. others include alden smith for a series of arrests last year. in march culver was arrested on
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hit and run, in january, kilgore was arrested for public intoxication and netter was arrested for dui, in 2012 dobbs was arrested for possession. of marijuana and brooks for assault charges. in sports joe will tell us what 49ers quarterback is saying about the arrest of mcdonald. >> watch coach harbaugh's question and answer session on a new field poll shows jerry brown maintaining a strong lead over his challenger. 50% of voters plan to vote for governor brown. 32 plan to vote for his opponent. the governor lead with 52% of the vote. the field poll found 56% of
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likely voters view the governor favorably. look at this other poll. getting cyclist more room on the road. how far drivers have to stay away and the cost of getting too close. firefighters rescue a toddler in a hot car. what the child's mother said she was doing at the time. how long will the fog stay around. will it warm up tomorrow?
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face child neglect after leaving her toddler in a hot car. do you see how sweaty he is. he's okay. >> cell phone video shows what happened. firefighters popped the lock and rushed the child to an ambulance. he was checked out and is doing fine. the mother said she and another child ran into the store for a minute. >> obviously whatever the mother explained to the officers and do the detective that will play into what the d.a. decides to do with the case. >> the temperature monday hit 92 degrees meaning the temperature in the car could have reached 121 degrees in 20 minutes. pg&e will appeal the $1.4 billion fine recommended by state regulators for the pipeline disaster.
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they filed paperwork with the securities and exchange commission saying they will appeal. a spokesperson said the utility wants the sec to take into consideration the $2.7 billion it has or will spend on pipeline improvements. they say penalties should go to public safety. the bulk of the penalty yesterday will go into the states general fun. police are looking for a driver that hit a bicyclist and drove away. near golden gate park. the driver of a gold colored sedan struck a 12-year-old -- 20-year-old man. a new state law requiring drivers give bicyclest a 3-foot buffer at all times. how it will bourque. >> that -- work. >> it requires a 3-foot buffer
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known as 1 yard. you have to be this far away from a vehicle to pass or slow down to pass safely. >> my name is burt hill, i've been bicycling for 60 years. >> when you travel through year at a two wheel pace, when your transportation has no windshield. >> i see motorcyclist aggravated with pedestrian. >> part of being a motorist is being aggravated. hill is not immune to the dangers of sharing the road. >> i've had close calls, i've had collisions. >> a new law aims to make collisions less likely. requiring 3 feet passing buff error on slow to a safe speed. >> i feel safer. >> the chp says in 201-2150 --
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153 were killed. >> this addresses an outcry requesting a certain amount of space. >> it's the first time california defined what a safe distance is. the fine starts at $200. >> i don't know what that means. 3 feet. >> motorist has mixed reviews. >> that will be tough on some streets. i don't want to see bikers hurt. but it's tough. >> the goal is not to make it tougher but to make roads safer. >> i'm still around after 60 years. >> the safety instructors use caution. >> this law is a two-way street. not every street is designed by a bike lane. if it's a two lane road and a
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backup of 45 cars -- five cars the cyclist has to pull over be let the cars pass. the highway patrol is reminding bicyclist of safety rules. . fire officials are putting people on notice about evacuations as the happy campfire continues to spread. they issued new mandatory evacuations last night. some of the evacuations were changed to advisory today. right now 270 families are under advisories and 70 have been forced to evacuate. the fire jumped the klamath
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river. it has burned 112 square miles and only 15% contained. lightning started the fire on august 12th. at the moment 2700 firefighters are battling the flames. temperature outside today were where they were yesterday. you can get the idea. yesterday was the day with the massive cooling. temperature 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the day before. these are the numbers, warmer and cooler depending on where you are. fog along the coast. it's broken away for a little bit. it will fill-in tonight. fog around point richmond. you can see whisps of it. it piles up when the cool, moist air hits the hills it creates more moisture and
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easily forms fog. you will see the fog at berkeley, but not the finger shooting across. 86 in antioch, 81 in livermore. winds blowing, i talked about that earlier. tomorrow morning fog when you wake up. everywhere. gets up over the coastal hills. high pressure will strengthen lightly and nudge that guy this way. this is the reason for the cooldown yesterday. it will be slightly warmer tomorrow and the high builds in on friday and warmer. the national weather service has issued a ralph rfs -- red- flag warning. high temperature, you get the winds blowing north. this will take us through thursday at 5:00. i won't be surprised if the red-
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flag warning stays up until friday. the five-day forecast will show the warming trend. wake up with the fog, temperature warming at the same rate. highs look like today but warmer. friday more warming. >> these are the forecast highs for thursday. there's the five-day forecast coming up with the bay area weekend in view. the fire danger will spike. it has spiked. it will come up thursday, friday, hottest day. the highest fire danger. the red-flag warning in effect until tomorrow. i won't be surprised if they kept it going to friday. up next, more reaction from 49er players and coaches about the arrest of ray mcdonald.
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>> no rush, andy.
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help me out here. download the best mobile app today. so you can always have the advantage. chase. so you can . the first game of the season for the 49ers is this season but the talk is ray
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mcdonald. >> on a normal wednesday they could talk about the upcoming opponent. the arrest of mcdonald on domestic violence was the fore front of the media availability. if he will play on sunday is yet to be decided. he was on the field today. but not in the early part of the practice that's available to the media. harbaugh made his comments. >> number 1 is we'll not tolerate domestic violence, and the second principal is the respect for due process. >> the players will rise to the occasion. when someone goes down, someone is not on the field people will step in and play well. >> every pitch is significant for both teams we're in the 3rd day of september. nobody has been hotter than
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buster posey. today he broke a 1-1 tie in the fifth with this hit to bergman. 2 hits, two rbi for bergman. the 2-1 lead didn't last long. colorado responded with 4 runs in the bottom of the inning. rockies got it going with two outs and nobody on. four more in the 6thto make it a 9-2 laugher. the dodgers loss so the giants stay 2 games back. jon lester against hernandez and think pitcher's duel. that's what developed. both pitchers touched by the long ball. the mariners struck like lightning after seger led off with a home run. hart with this shot. a's with a homer by dunn. when the day is over the a's will be 4 1/2 or 5 1/2 behind the angels. usa basketball team a winner
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over the dominican republic. the a's are struggling. >> they are. >> up by a couple games a couple weeks ago and now down 4 1/2. >> a lot happens in the season. coming up at 10:00. setting the stage for the only debate in the race for governor. what's at stake as the runners prepare to face-off. we'll see you then. have a good evening. at subway, we're seriously into veggies. which is why we prepare them fresh, in store. we're all about finding unique veggies. making your sandwich a one of a kind creation. so come on in and get your veggie on. subway. eat fresh.
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